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Trentwoods Shopping Center Highway 17 North behind Texas Steak House 1711 Red Robin Lane New Bern, NC 28562

Upcoming Events

Saturday, February 21 2015
Dance Team Performance at Studio at 5:30-6:30
April 20-24 2015
Photo Week
Friday, June 5 2015
5:00 pm - Recital rehearsal in Orringer Auditorium at Craven Community College Campus
Saturday, June 6 2015
Recital in Orringer Auditorium at Craven Community College Campus - Time TBA

Our Studio


Our studio features a Stage Step Flooring system, Time Step II. The wood flooring is elevated with rubber padding cushioning our dancers as they leap giving the best possible ergonomic jumping experience. The length of the room has ballet barres that wrap a side for twelve students and the opposite wall is lined with mirrors. Studio walls are painted different colors to help even the youngest student understand directions. Three fans line the center of the ceiling. There is a bathroom inside the dance room for students to use during class. Cubbies are provided under the benches for shoe changes and storage. A viewing window is available in the lobby to peek in on your student.

Studio photo

Our lobby features a bar for students to enjoy a snack before or after class. Leather couches and chairs are comfy for families to enjoy a book, game or conversation. We have a small boutique that supplies all class uniform requirements and gifts for special occasions. There is also a handicap accessible bathroom for students and families to use in the lobby, so class is not interrupted.



Level 4/5 (40/40/40)


Level 5 Ballet (60)


Jr./Sr. Ballet (60)


Pre-K 3 (30/30)


Level 5 Jazz/Tap (45/45)


Level 1 (30/30/30)


Jr. High (45/45)


Pre-K 2 (30)


Pre-K 4 (30/30)


Kindergarten (30/30)


Level 3 (30/30/30)


Adult Exercise Class


Senior Dance Team (60)


Pre-K Boys (30/30)


Jr. Dance Team (60)


Level 2 (30/30/30)


Sr. High Tap & Jazz (45/45)

Friday & Saturday

Elementary Boys Tap & HipHop (30/30)


Petite Dance Team (60)

Hip Hop, Lyrical, Modern, Literacy & Dance

(these classes are held according to interest)

Beginner Classes
Beginner: 30/30

Most Pre-K to Kindergarten children and those who have never taken. This class teaches the fundamentals of tap and jazz that the rest of their dance education can build on. Student usually progresses to next level at Kindergarten/First grade depending on the individual’s ability to learn.

Level 1: 30/30/30

Takes the beginner and adds combinations of fundamental steps in both Tap & Ballet Classes while introducing jazz.  Student will learn to count steps and focus on their feet as well as arms.

Level 2: 30/30/30

Introduces fun new steps and challenges all the basics they have learned. Moves quickly but will have focus on timing, flow, and rhythm.

Intermediate Classes
Level 3: 40/40/40

Foundations should be strong. Time to get to the challenging combinations that the students have been watching and wanting to learn. Ballet and Tap will focus on turns and add a couple of fun dance tricks.

Level 4: 40/40/40

Continues to build and challenge the student in every facet of their dance education. Preparing them with terminology and the ability to demonstrate.

Level 5: 40/40/40

Complicated combinations, intricate footwork. Basics should be firm, dancer will need to be focused, will also be preparing for pointe.

Advanced Classes
Level 6-12: 60/45/45

Ballet & Pointe will be taught together and follow with Tap and Jazz. Technique, strength and agility will be a must. This class will keep the dancer competitive and help them to excel in their journey of self-expression.

Class Fees
Registration Fee $35 Recital Fee $35-40

(cost of recital divided up among students-subject to change according to enrollment). Includes 2 tickets, but accounts must be current. Non- refundable & due November 1.

Student Monthly Prices:

$30 - 30 minute

$40 - 1 hour (all 30/30)

$50 - 1.5 hour (all 30/30/30)

$60 - 2 hours (all 40/40/40)

$70 - 2.5 Hours (30/30/30/60)

$80 - 3 hours

$10 - every .5 hr

Birthday Parties:

$200 for 10 friends

* Classes subject to change according to enrollment

5 student minimum

10 students/teacher

12 students/teacher with an assistant

Class Expectations

No limits are set on what will be taught, rather each class presents itself, and the teacher determines the overall focus & ability. All classes are taught terminology and are encouraged to verbalize as well as demonstrate their knowledge throughout class time. All classes start with stretches, progress to the barre, and then move to the center for a combination and concludes with across the floors. Students are to change shoes in class. Classes are to the point to maximize time. Up to December we focus on new material, then we put all they have learned into a dance for their recital in May.

Every child is different. It is our goal to keep dance exciting & challenging. Should your child be an exceptional dancer, she or he will be offered the option to advance to the next level. If your child is struggling, …they too will be offered the option to review the previous level. Students that are in our Junior High Classes study typically for 2-3 years depending on abilities at that level. Students advance to Senior High classes only with teacher consent. We will try our best to keep your children with their age group. No changes in classes will be made after Christmas Break due to preparations for the recital. Every child is a special gift and we are thankful for the opportunity to play a part in your child’s journey and to positively impact it!

Our Staff


Mrs. Kristen Barnette is the owner and teacher of Preschool to 5th grade students and has been teaching locally in New Bern since the fall of 2002. HFSD has been open since June of 2005. Mrs. Kristen grew up in her mother’s studio, Unlimited Dance of Houston, Texas and of Chesapeake, Virginia where she gained an understanding of how to teach students the art of dance to the youngest, yet able to stay challenging to the oldest. She is a preschool teacher locally five mornings a week (to 11-13) 3 yr. olds. Students receive an education in dance, expanding their vocabulary, ability & confidence gained in the classroom. We are happy to provide combination classes for all ages and abilities. Building confidence and ability are the greatest joys we experience. Award winning choreography is an added blessing!


Ms. Sara Maiden is the teacher of 6-12 grade students. She share her passion and love for dance that shows in the growth of her students. She is a strong teacher that can command her classroom and get results that takes an average dancer into an exceptional performer. She has danced since the age 3 with training at the Bowman School of Dance, Moorestown, New Jersey. She has been employed at HFSD since 2009. Achievements are Dance Troupe Expressions, Spartan Force at UNCG, BAM Warriors and award winning choreographer. She loves dance and believes that dance is not only steps on a floor, but dance is apart of everyday life.

Student Teachers


Teylor Godwin is 16 years old and a senior at New Bern High School. She started taking dance when she was two years old. She started dancing at Happy Feet eight years ago. She absolutely loves dancing. It is her passion and she hopes to own a studio and teach dance someday.


Kaitlyn is a senior at New Bern High School. She has been dancing since the age of two. She began dancing at Happy Feet eight years ago. Kaitlyn is very passionate about dancing and loves working with the younger kids to spread her love for dance. She hopes to be able to incorporate dance into her career.

Opportunities for Student Teachers & Assistants

Student Teacher is a Senior high student interested in teaching dance as a career. Given the opportunity to substitute teach and teach a class.

Student assistant are students interested in perfecting their skills and helping younger students do the same.  Click below for more information and application form.

Assistant Information

Assistant Application

Tips for Successful Year

1. Please arrive in proper leotard and with hair held back in a ponytail. If hair is too short, have it pulled away from the face, so it does not hang in your child’s eyes. No jewelry. No underwear under tights. For jazz your child may wear dance shorts over leotard and for ballet a pink skirt. Our students will look professional and will set an environment for learning without distraction. If there is ever a question regarding attire, please do not hesitate to ask. I will always have an extra leotard and tights for those who cannot meet dress code for whatever reasons.

2. Have a designated bag for shoes. Make sure your child’s name is written in each shoe and bag. It would also be helpful to keep extra hair bands & brush in the bag. Also, tap shoes should be black patent leather and have black elastic and no ribbons. Ballet shoes should be pink with elastic sewn in. Please have elastic at the toes of the ballet shoes double knotted and tucked in the shoes. Jazz shoes need to be Black with rubber soles. Shoes are available and should be purchased from Happy Feet Boutique.

3. No food or drinks, gum or candy as they are a choking hazard & not allowed in the classroom. Water bottles are encouraged.

4. Please arrive on time and patiently wait in the lobby if your child’s class follows an earlier one.

5. It is imperative that you escort your child into the building and to the restroom prior to class. Should a child need to use the restroom during a class, they will need wait till a shoe change and be able to use the facilities on their own (baby 2’s the exception). Should your child have a medical condition please send in a note for the teacher.

6. Absolutely no running in class. All floors are slippery no matter what the floor is made of. Children upon arrival will get shoes on, make sure their hair is up and start stretching. Running cannot be tolerated and is a safety issue.

7. For good behavior during class, a stamp and/or sticker will be given. * However, if a student is having repetitive trouble paying attention and blatantly ignoring instruction, they will not be allowed to participate and will be asked to only observe for the remainder of class. Mrs. Kristen will keep the reward and the student will start with a clean slate the following week. Each child will learn the limits of class and will be expected not to push them. If behavior becomes a continual problem the student will be asked to not return and there will be no refund of monies.

*It is of utmost importance that parents support your child’s teacher and not go buy your child a pack of stickers or stamps because you feel sorry for them should their reward be withheld. They will learn quickly to adhere to class rules if we work together. Mrs. Kristen believes every child is unique and a special gift and will treat them with firm love. It is amazing how much they will absorb when their focus is on dance in class!

8. During the semester if I overlook something, a child or offend anyone, please come to me and politely point out my mistake(s) and I will not hesitate to find a proper solution. We are all human and I will strive to do my best. I welcome comments, good or bad and want this to be successful for everyone involved. I am looking forward to teaching students who want to learn!

9. Disrespect by a parent or student will forfeit a students spot. Sometimes the best gift one can give when respect is lost is the gift of goodbye. This does not mean we wish anything harmful or ill but we must have an environment condusive to teaching.

10. Siblings of students should be supervised by a guardian at all times. Please do not leave siblings unattended at Happy Feet. Happy Feet cannot be held responsible for them.

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